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UPUPOO contains a large number of animation wallpaper, dynamic wallpaper can be downloaded and used, the most critical is free, and there is no bundled software software, animation fans can try oh!


The desktop icon organizer turns the squares of ICONS into a honeycomb shape, and you can arrange each one as you wish.



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When you are on a business trip, you forget to copy the documents you have worked so hard to make. It will take too much time to find them for you.

In fact, to solve this problem, with [one key remote control] software can easily help you solve! The software supports remote control and file transfer from computer to computer, which can help you solve the problem of forgetting to copy files.


Operation is also very simple, just ask a colleague in the company to help you open a computer, you can remotely control the company's computer, you need to quickly transfer the documents to the computer at hand.

The whole process without any delay, lag, drop, flash back and so on, smooth operation!



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This is a free image processing software, the software function is very rich, often need to deal with pictures but not PS friends, must have!


It can be used to add a watermark to the picture, long picture stitching, picture cropping, picture segmentation, size adjustment, picture compression, color extraction, format conversion and other functions.



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A multifunctional video playback software, usually download a variety of formats of video on the computer, play when you need a variety of playback software.

But if you use Potplayer, you don't have to worry about not being able to play, because you can play almost any common and unusual video formats, audio formats, and start up quickly, without any ads!


A variety of playback modes to choose from, you can choose single frame playback, variable speed playback, multi-channel audio, picture sound synchronization adjustment and so on, especially variable speed playback up to 12 times, great!

In addition to playing local videos, it also supports the function of adding live source address to watch live broadcast, including some live broadcast, satellite TV programs can be seen, manpower must!


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This is a very useful screenshot tool, the software is free for individual users, all features can be used freely.

At first glance, you might mistake it for Word. The interface is almost identical to Word, but it is a great screenshot and editing device!


Software features are quite rich, light screenshot has 8 forms, respectively: full screen screenshot, active window screenshot, window control screenshot, scrolling screenshot, rectangular screenshot, fixed area screenshot, arbitrary shape screenshot.



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This is a completely free file preview software, users can not open the file, with the mouse click to view the file, press the space bar can quickly preview all kinds of files.


Support pictures, compressed packages, PDF, Office documents, video, PSD and other types of files, image class files can also be enlarged and reduced to view details, greatly saving time and improve efficiency, very efficient and easy to use.


07*Geek Uninsta    ller

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Although the computer comes with the function of software uninstallation, it is easy to leave a lot of garbage in the process of uninstallation.

This very small software uninstall tool, I use now feel the most comfortable uninstall tool, even rogue software can uninstall, including registry information can also clean up.



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A very useful file copy mobile software, although the computer comes with this function, but the use of the copy speed is slow, but also often have the file name, either cover or skip, very troublesome.


TeraCopy can not only improve the copy speed, but also flexibly deal with files with the same name. In addition, it can stop the copy at will during the copy process, which is much more convenient to use than the original copy mobile function.


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If you have to work in front of a computer every day, I highly recommend you install this free eye care software!

Its biggest advantage over other eye care software is that it can adjust the brightness of the computer screen over time, reducing the damage to your eyes from computer screens.

It also supports the three major operating systems, Windows, Mac and Linux, and the software is so small that it takes up almost no memory to run.


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