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El Nuevo Días (The New Daily) El Nuevo Día, a well-known Spanish-language newspaper in Puerto Rico, was founded in 1909 and is published throughout Puerto Rico and in some cities in the United States. The site is its official website, mainly providing domestic and foreign news, business, pictures, video, blogs, life and other content.

Yadira Hernández-Picó is the personal photography home of Yadira Hernández-Picó, a famous female photographer from Puerto Rico, and her website is in English. Yadira Hernández-Picó is a permanent photojournalist for a famous local newspaper in Puerto Rico, whose work focuses on nature, landscape, portraits and sports. The website has a large collection of her work.

David Medina is a photography website co-founded by the famous Puerto Rican photographer David Medina and his wife, mainly showing personal portraits with the theme of wedding, mainly using the storytelling shooting method The website is mainly for personal portraits with the theme of wedding, mainly using the storytelling photography method, and its works are very interesting stories.

Google search engine Puerto Rico site, web, image, news search, support personalized search and local search, provide forum, mailbox, calendar service and desktop search tools.

Bacardi is one of the world's Bacardi is one of the world's largest spirits manufacturers, founded in 1862 in Santiago, Cuba, and now headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Bacardi produces rum, gin, and juice spirits.

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