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Solaas: A Platform for Dream Art Creation is a website founded by Argentinean artist Leonardo Solaas, who has been creating art on the Internet and new media, represented by Dreamlines, a poetic presence - it is responsible for depicting your dreams.

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As a new media artist, he has been a major force in local and international exhibitions, having been awarded the Premio Museo de Arte Moderno, Argentina's most important award in the field of new media art.

Painting "Dreams" is just one of the many projects he is working on at the same time. Here is one of his projects, Migrations, which uses BBC daily news headlines and random letter movements to express the disorder of the world.

Dreamlines is a non-linear, interactive and hallucinatory visual experience, where you enter keywords about dreams into a dialogue box on the website's home page, such as "cat", "star", "star" and "dream". When you enter key words about your dreams, such as "cat", "star", "love", "death", etc., whether they are nouns, verbs or adjectives, Dreamlines will generate your dreams with thousands of particles, more impressionistic than Monet. More impressionistic than Monet.

The founders built the website's system on JAVA and PHP programming languages. When the user enters the keywords of the dream description, the system will first search for images related to it on Google. The system will then use the colorful particle movement to simulate the unconscious free association in the human brain, thus obtaining the unpredictable, alternating virtual and real images, just like a person's dream.

Every second, 1500 particles change automatically, with different colors, brightness, saturation and speed, until the final image is generated.

Who is "painting" the dream? Is it a person, or a computer? In a sense, it is the program itself that creates the private, unique, unpredictable picture that is fleeting - just like a dream. The computer uses retrieval algorithms to perfectly reproduce the unruly, unstoppable subconscious deep in the human brain.

The "dream" that changes every few minutes demonstrates the aesthetics of diversity in the world of the Internet, which is also the theme of human society. Even when we rest, the brain does not stop exploring, and in the chaos, the dream world reveals your subconscious, just like the dream world depicted by Dreamlines, the mood that exists implicitly in the disorder.

In this combination of technical and creative ideas, each dream is like a real work of art, the most subtle transitions and changes of color, blurred contours, fragile, elegant and full of metaphors.

"Polaroider" is a Polaroider" is a tool that specializes in making photos into "Polaroid" style, which allows you to put in photos and make Polaroid style pictures. People who like to do diary will love this Polaroid style, easy to operate and do not spend too much, write small words of mood, for life to leave a collection of souvenirs, prolong the preservation period of memories.

After opening the website, click Start on the main screen. Enter the editing page, click Select your photos gray area, select a photo from your computer and put it in. At the bottom of the Insert optional caption, you can type in the text description, although Chinese is also no problem, but the final display of the font is not the operation screen that kind.

Select four photos, press Download Photos to download the PDF file on your computer is A4 size, this time you can see the scissors pattern in the upper right corner before downloading, the generated PDF file can use the online crop function, which is convenient for you to print out in color. And then cut it into sheets by hand.

ArGentina Travel: the official website of the Argentine Tourism Board is the website of the Argentinean external promotion of the country's tourist attractions, tourism activities, policies and information dissemination, providing tourists with We provide tourists with high quality travel services, quality travel experience, and comprehensive special travel information.

Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (UNNE) is a national university in Argentina, founded in 1956 and located in Corrientes, Resistencia. UNNE has faculties and departments such as Architecture, Arts, Agriculture and Mechanics, and Precision Sciences, with over 50,000 students.

Club Atlético Vélez Sársfield (Spanish: Club Atlético Vélez Sársfield) is a sports club located in the western community of Liniers, Buenos Aires, Argentina, known for its soccer team.
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