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Jango America a free personalized Jango, a free personalized music station, was established in 2006. The website is its official website, mainly providing services such as song reviews, sharing, radio editing, and creating personalized radio stations.

Target (Target Corporation) is a well-known retail store in the United States, which sells mainly discounted high-end goods, it not only ensures the quality of products, but also guarantees the low price of products. target sales of products mainly include: clothing, home furnishings, furniture, electronic products, toys and beauty skin care products and so on.

< div class="sitetext"> on Youtube streaming music sharing network is an i amount based on Youtube video site streaming media online collection site, providing including music, life, news, sports, technology, comedy and other video It is a platform to help users find the most popular and hottest video resources on Youtube.

eBay is an online auction and shopping site that allows people around the world to buy and sell items online. eBay was founded in San Jose, California on September 4, 1995 by Pierre Omidyar under the name Auctionweb. People can sell their goods on ebay through the web.

Songza USA a quality music community that encourages users to share quality music. Users can search for their favorite music through the site and share it to find out what other friends like, as well as explore, collaborate and communicate with other users, making it a free and easy platform for music sharing.

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