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Banco Republicana de la República de Colombia (Banco Banco de la República is the central bank of the Republic of Colombia, providing an introduction to the bank, Colombia's monetary policy, monetary and financial stability, Colombia's financial markets, foreign exchange management, payment systems, and key statistics. The website is available in Spanish. The Bank of the Republic of Colombia was founded in 1923 and is headquartered in Bogotá.

Movistar's leading mobile operator, Colombia branch website.

El Tiempo Colombia's largest-selling newspaper, with strong ties to the government. Initially, the newspaper's majority shareholder was a member of the Santos family, and later the Spanish Planetary Group. The site is its official website, mainly providing domestic and foreign news, politics, current affairs, economic, social, sports, education, classified ads, live sports events, highlights video and other content.

Shop at your favorite supermarkets, like Jumbo, Colsubsidio, Makro, La Rebaja, Surtifruver, and have it delivered to your door in one hour.

Colombia Television (CMB TV) is the CMB TV is the largest television station in Colombia, providing news, entertainment, schedule, previews, weather forecasts, recaps, and online videos. The language of the website is Spanish.

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