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PlasticBank:Peru's Environmental The PlasticBank is a plastic bank in Peru run by Canadian David Katz that uses discarded plastic waste in exchange for household items, as a way to encourage locals not to throw away their waste, and in turn to protect Peru's pristine natural landscape and natural environments such as the rainforest and the Sky City.

The South American country of Peru preserves many pristine natural landscapes From tropical rainforests, to sky cities, to vast beaches covered with gauze, there are many traces of human activity in these beautiful landscapes - that is, plastic waste of all kinds that will not melt for 10,000 years.

In order to encourage local people not to throw away waste, Canadian David Katz decided to start a service "Plastic Bank", inviting people to take plastic to exchange for cash or household goods, and the collected plastic is organized and remade into raw materials for 3D printing, printing out The collected plastic will be organized and remade into 3D printing materials to print various household utensils to help local poor families or social organizations to achieve a more meaningful use of resources and social support!

In countries where life is more difficult, people do not take recycling seriously, after all, life is a problem, who cares so much! Cheap and easy to obtain plastic bags, packaging, toys, bottles and cans and other household items are naturally used up and thrown away. According to one statistic, Peru's garbage recycling rate is quite low at only about 2%, with 98% either burned or thrown directly into the ocean!

David Katz, a Canadian, saw a lot of plastic garbage in the streets and landscapes of Peru and thought that it was not only a matter of throwing garbage around, but also a matter of waste and consumption of resources, in which he also saw some opportunities. He also saw some opportunities and thought that instead of throwing the garbage on the ground, he could use it for something more meaningful. The redeemed plastic is converted into 3D printed products to help poor families in the community.

For the locals, they would love to see Plastic Bank help their fellow countrymen. David Katz's Plastic Bank will open a branch in the capital city of Lima by the end of this year, and he hopes that his project will be implemented smoothly and that it will have a positive impact on the local community and the natural environment.

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