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The Convergence (Allgemeine Zeitung (Allgemeine Zeitung; abbreviation: AZ) is the oldest daily newspaper in Namibia and the only German-language daily newspaper in Africa, founded in 1916. The website is its official website, mainly providing domestic and foreign politics, current affairs, news commentary, business, special analysis, entertainment, sports, travel, weather, pictures, video and other content.

Official website of the Government of Namibia.

The website is for the Chinese Embassy in Namibia ( EMBASSY OF CHINA IN THE REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA is the official website of the Chinese Embassy in Namibia (EMBASSY OF CHINA IN THE REPUBLIC OF NAMIBIA), which mainly provides the introduction of the embassy, information of the ambassador, the latest news, bilateral relations, consular services, the Chinese and overseas Chinese, the introduction of Namibia, and news. The website is available in both Chinese and English.

The The Namibian, the largest English-language daily newspaper in Namibia, was founded by Gwen Lister in 1985 as a weekly newspaper, with funding initially coming from donations from all walks of life to promote Namibian independence from South Africa; on April 1, 1989, it was changed to a daily newspaper, with paper versions in English and Ndunga, and a website in English. The website mainly consists of news, commentary, sports, business, entertainment, Ndunga language version, archives, mailboxes and other sections.

Air Namibia is the country's national airline, formerly known as South West Air Transport, which was established in 1946 and changed its name after Namibia became independent. The airline's domestic hub airport is Eros Airport; its international hub airport is Hodzia-Kutako International Airport.

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