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OTP Bank (OTP Bank) Hungary's largest financial institution with a stable supply of capital, ranked 1271st in the Global Business 2000 in 2014.

Sneaker Studio is a multi-brand concept store for branded sneakers, streetwear and footwear. We never stop looking for the latest trends and creativity in the world of sneakers!

Google has just launched Chinese voice search, Baidu We have introduced various types of search methods such as image, visual, voice, etc., but still found a new search engine, the new search engine tool introduced today,, is so - -We hope to change the traditional thinking of search, from the perspective of "user needs", directly help people solve all kinds of information, work and life problems.

NeedCube is an interesting site that tries to create a new search mechanism that matches people's needs. That is to say, when users search, instead of simply finding any information, they are directly confronted with the information or items they need and can directly buy, use, try and participate in it.

How do you understand "demand-led" as defined by NeedCube? For example, users who want to find a job can enter basic information about their job search, including job title, ideal company, salary, hours, etc. According to the design of NeedCube, when a job title matching this job information appears, NeedCube can send the information to the user's Email dynamically; and for recruiting companies, they can also set the keywords and filter by setting the keywords. For recruiting companies, they can also find possible candidates directly through NeedCube by setting keywords and filtering.

Amazing, right? Here's how NeedCube does it:

There are two types of people on NeedCube: those who want to be found (you want to be found); and those who are looking for people or information (you want to find). They together form a complete search chain, we can understand that: the former provides information, the latter needs information, and this is all based on their respective needs.

For those who want to provide information, you first need to create an account through NeedCube and tell the world about your ideal job, ideal love, items you need to buy or sell, goods or information you are eager to find, and so on. The personal information you post needs to be effectively organized through NeedCube, which means that it needs to be expressed through NeedCube's 5Qs (5 Questions) + "Notes" (Remarks).

The so-called 5 questions are easy to understand: what, when, where, how much, how much money ("what", "when", "where", "how many" and "for how much"), and in the "Remarks The "Notes" section allows you to briefly describe your specific needs or information. By organizing NeedCube in a unified format, people searching for relevant information can find what they need more directly.

You provided this information in NeedCube - you are looking for a job as an Oracle program developer after the second quarter of 2009, want to make at least $80,000 per year, and what your specialties are. Once you have information that matches your needs, NeedCube sends it to you via a registered account or Email.

At this point, the other side of the NeedCube - the people who are looking for information - comes into play, and they can perform targeted filters and searches based on the NeedCube database. Users can search by the keywords "What", "When", and "Where" (when, where, and what), and let's assume that the user It is obvious that when the user enters the keyword "Oracle programmer", he/she can find all the information about people who have had this need and desire to apply for jobs, and get in touch with them. Is this search more targeted? And to meet the needs of both sides.

In this way, you can see how amazing NeedCube's demand-led search engine concept is, right? Of course, NeedCube also faces some challenges in terms of false information, misuse of information, spam, etc., but anyway, this innovative idea of NeedCube really makes our eyes shine.

Currently, the main types of information that NeedCube supports include job hunting, buying and selling tickets, renting and buying houses, buying and selling goods, etc. It is conceivable that with the expansion of NeedCube's information and database, many people will be attracted to use it, and NeedCube will indeed The search engine will be changed.

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