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Goblin's Tail

"Goblin's Tail" (Fairy Tail) manga by Hiroshi Mashima, serialized on in 2006, was later adapted into a TV animation and game. The manga tells the story of the young girl Lucy efforts to join the magic guide gathered "Goblin's Tail" guild, and with Naz, Gray, Eloisa and Harpy to form a powerful team.

Japan's lonely gourmet official website

Lonely Gourmet (lonely の グ ル メ, The Solitary Gourmet) is The original of dwell by The Japanese cartoonist long chang, Taniguchi (drew a comic, has been serialized in The fifth season, as The food in The scene from The popular restaurant in Japan, and is actually exist, therefore, is of readers around The world.

< p> The Lonely Gourmet tells the story of Goro Inouchi, a man who runs an imported grocery store. Goro Inouchi is a trader who sells imported groceries and a gourmand who likes to taste delicious food everywhere in his spare time. When visiting clients everywhere, I always take the pleasure of sightseeing, but as long as my stomach growls, I will uphold the "; Completely hungry, eat emperor ". Faith, kill into the surrounding restaurants and canteens to eat. He most enjoyed eating without being disturbed, enjoying the good time of the food, and he liked to talk to himself and evaluate the food.


STUDIO DEEN (Co. Ltd.) is a Japanese animation company, founded in 1975, headquartered in Musashino City, Tokyo, mainly engaged in animation planning, production, works including "Laiting the brave", "Fortunate Boy", "a moment of reunion", "Hell Girl" and so on.

Crayola cartoon official website

SinChan:Crayon Little New Cartoon Official website is a very famous Japanese manga and animation of the late Japanese cartoonist Usui Yiren, this manga became an unfinished posthumous work. Its protagonist, Nohara Shinnosuke (Shin) is known as "the most 'shameless' child", is also one of the most personalized cartoon characters of the times, popular with children and children's hearts.

The popularity of Crayon Shin can be explained by the story The content is a matter-of-fact portrayal of the daily life of a nuclear family, and the laughs are mostly about the mistakes or situations that make people angry because Koshin is always confused about the situation. In Japan, the TV animation version of the ratings are often in the top 10.

This work was originally positioned as an adult comic, because in the early days there were many descriptions of sexual innuendo, but after the animation, the influence gradually changed to works suitable for the whole family, and exclude the performance of sexual innuendo. Comics, although still considered adult comics, but the content has become a family comedy for both men and women.

Mr. Usui Yoshihito said that he created the image of Koshin because when he was observing his own children, he found that children's thoughts are often very unique, so the author was attracted to the world of children. All children have two sides: good and naughty. This duality is very interesting to the author. In turn, the author reflects this duality in his own work. He also admitted that "Xiao Xin" is partly a copy of himself.According to him, a lot of the content in Crayola is a reflection of his real life

Sony Anime Production Release Platform

AniPlex:Sony Animation Production Development AniPlex is a member of the Sony Music Group, a Japanese company involved in the overall coordination of animation production, investment and promotion; constantly providing all generations with "dreams" and "moving" business" concept, producing a lot of good works for a wide range of ages.

Aniplex was first In 1997, SPE Music Publishing established a joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. and Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan) lnc. Visual Works Inc. was renamed SME Visual Works Inc. in 2002 and "Aniplex" (ANX for short) in 2003.

ANIPLEX has produced many works for a wide range of ages based on the concept of "a company that continues to provide "dreams" and "feelings" to all generations". We have produced many good works for all ages. ANIPLEX has successfully produced many animated works such as "GTO", "Steel Zechinist", "R.O.D -THE TV-", "Magical Girl Koen", "Fiction", "Angel Beats! Master" and many other animation works become the topic of work, in the animation distribution is undoubtedly the industry's top brand today.

Akita Bookstore

Akita (Akita Publishing Co., Ltd.) is a Japanese publisher established in 1948 and headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, mainly publishing manga. Akita Shuppan Bunka Sha publishes such publications as Weekly Shonen Champion, Princess, and Champion RED.



Aniplex is a Japanese entertainment Aniplex is a Japanese entertainment company, founded in 1995, headquartered in Tokyo, as a subsidiary of Sony Music, mainly engaged in the distribution, planning, production and sales of animation and music.

8bit animation production company

8bit (エイトビット) is a Japanese animation production company, founded in 2008, headquartered in Suginami-ku, Tokyo, mainly engaged in animation planning and production, photography and other businesses, participating in works such as "Musume Shinji", "Tokyo Dark Crow", "Teenage Maid" and so on.

Double Leaf Society

Futabasha, Inc. is a Japanese publishing house founded in 1948 and headquartered in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo, mainly publishing magazines, but also adult stories and novels. Futabasha publishes magazines, as well as adult fiction and novels. Futabasha publishes publications such as Manga Action.

"GANGAN ONLINE" online comic

"GANGAN ONLINE" (GANGAN ONLINE) is a Japanese free online manga magazine, founded by Skewer Enix () in 2008, updated every Thursday on the website of the serial content.been available for iPhone and iPad since 2011.

Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli (Studio Ghibli) is a Japanese animation studio, founded in 1985, headquartered in Koganei City, Tokyo, the logo for its representative work character "Totoro". Studio Ghibli mainly Hayao Miyazaki, Takahata is responsible for the creation, and Jean Hisaishi has also produced many film music for Studio Ghibli. Studio Ghibli's famous works include "Castle in the Sky", "Totoro", "Thousand and One", "Hal's Moving Castle" and so on.

Japanese free anime video network

Anipo website is a Japanese site to watch anime videos online for free, gathering the latest and hottest anime videos in Japan, recommending different anime resources every day, from Monday to Sunday The latest anime theater is launched every day. Users who like Japanese anime and manga may wish to study the tutorials to watch for themselves.

:Jigoku Rabbit

"Echidna Rabbit" (ウサビッチ; Usavich) is a popular Japanese 3D cartoon short film, produced by Japanese KANABAN GRAPHICS and directed by Satoshi Tomioka. The story is about two rabbits, Kirilenko (red prisoner; No. 04) and Putin (green prisoner; No. 541), who are imprisoned in a former Soviet prison and start a fun and hilarious struggle with the guards.

Flowers and Dreams

"Flower and Dream" is a biweekly girls' manga magazine published in Japan, which was launched in May 1974. The magazine publishes manga works and manga artists are very personal, so it is known as the "personality school manga magazine". Its main competitor is the "Girls Comic".

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