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SinChan:Crayon Little New Cartoon Official website is a very famous Japanese manga and animation of the late Japanese cartoonist Usui Yiren, this manga became an unfinished posthumous work. Its protagonist, Nohara Shinnosuke (Shin) is known as "the most 'shameless' child", is also one of the most personalized cartoon characters of the times, popular with children and children's hearts.

The popularity of Crayon Shin can be explained by the story The content is a matter-of-fact portrayal of the daily life of a nuclear family, and the laughs are mostly about the mistakes or situations that make people angry because Koshin is always confused about the situation. In Japan, the TV animation version of the ratings are often in the top 10.

This work was originally positioned as an adult comic, because in the early days there were many descriptions of sexual innuendo, but after the animation, the influence gradually changed to works suitable for the whole family, and exclude the performance of sexual innuendo. Comics, although still considered adult comics, but the content has become a family comedy for both men and women.

Mr. Usui Yoshihito said that he created the image of Koshin because when he was observing his own children, he found that children's thoughts are often very unique, so the author was attracted to the world of children. All children have two sides: good and naughty. This duality is very interesting to the author. In turn, the author reflects this duality in his own work. He also admitted that "Xiao Xin" is partly a copy of himself.According to him, a lot of the content in Crayola is a reflection of his real life

Crayola cartoon official website
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