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AniPlex:Sony Animation Production Development AniPlex is a member of the Sony Music Group, a Japanese company involved in the overall coordination of animation production, investment and promotion; constantly providing all generations with "dreams" and "moving" business" concept, producing a lot of good works for a wide range of ages.

Aniplex was first In 1997, SPE Music Publishing established a joint venture with Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. and Sony Pictures Entertainment (Japan) lnc. Visual Works Inc. was renamed SME Visual Works Inc. in 2002 and "Aniplex" (ANX for short) in 2003.

ANIPLEX has produced many works for a wide range of ages based on the concept of "a company that continues to provide "dreams" and "feelings" to all generations". We have produced many good works for all ages. ANIPLEX has successfully produced many animated works such as "GTO", "Steel Zechinist", "R.O.D -THE TV-", "Magical Girl Koen", "Fiction", "Angel Beats! Master" and many other animation works become the topic of work, in the animation distribution is undoubtedly the industry's top brand today.

Sony Anime Production Release Platform
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