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Drone aerial video network

Dronestagr:UAV Aerial video network is a French company published by the unmanned aircraft for flight shooting video sharing site, by many aerial photography enthusiasts to publish their own aerial works, where you can see a bird's eye view of the world, follow the lens of the drone to browse the geographical landscape where the publisher.

The drone is operated by radio remote control equipment or onboard The UAV is an unmanned aircraft controlled by a radio remote control device or an on-board computer program control system. The UAV has a simple structure and low cost of use, and can not only complete the tasks performed by manned aircraft, but is also suitable for tasks that are not suitable for manned aircraft. In the emergency response, early warning has a great role.

Unmanned aerial photography is unmanned aircraft as an aerial platform, with on-board remote sensing equipment, such as high-resolution CCD digital camera, light optical camera, infrared scanner, laser scanner, magnetometer, etc. to obtain information, using a computer to process the image information, and in accordance with certain precision requirements to produce images. The system is designed and optimally combined to produce images. The whole system has outstanding features in the design and the most optimal combination, is integrated with aerial photography, remote control, telemetry technology, video image microwave transmission and computer image information processing of new application technology.

The use of drones for small-area remote sensing aerial photography technology has achieved significant results and experience in practice. UAV as an aerial remote sensing platform micro aerial remote sensing technology, to meet the needs of national economic and cultural construction development, for small and medium-sized cities, especially cities, towns, counties, villages and other areas of economic and cultural construction provides an effective means of remote sensing technology services. Remote sensing aerial photography technology has an important role in promoting the development of our country's economy.

UAV aerial photography images have the advantages of high definition, large scale, small area and high situational awareness. Especially suitable for acquiring aerial images of strip areas (highways, railroads, rivers, reservoirs, coastlines, etc.). And unmanned aircraft for aerial photography provides a convenient operation, easy to transfer the remote sensing platform. Takeoff and landing is less restricted by the site, in the playground, highway or other more open ground can take off and land, its stability, good safety, very easy to change the field.

In the domestic drone aerial photography is still relatively rare, but in foreign countries will be commonplace, through the aerial photography video posted on this site to see you understand which country's aerial photography works more. For the manipulation of technical proficiency and view angle selection has this very good visual effect.

Online Video Editing Platform

StupeFlix:Online Video The editing platform is a service website that provides a powerful video database and video editing tools. Users can outline the main story line by selecting a theme template, adding audio tracks, and uploading pictures or videos in sequence according to the story logic, and make their own movie videos as directors.

Replay supports direct uploading from , Dropbox, Facebook, etc. Dropbox, Facebook, and other image and video aggregators. When using the platform, for the corresponding individual clips, users can very easily perform text overlay, voice output of text (this is great, equivalent to a simple dubbing function, but only need to enter text), custom transitions, audio overlay and other operations. Each piece of material can be reassembled by dragging and dropping. Moreover, users can also click to add map data directly in the story.

Users can add multiple tracks and set their volume, loop, weaken other music while playing a certain music, etc. In the theme setting, users can choose to let the video rhythm adapt to the rhythm of the music. The platform is not free, users need to charge monthly (annual), starting at $5 / month, there are Pro version and Reseller version. There are Web and mobile versions of the product.


1.Beautiful themes

Each beautiful video theme will give a distinct look & feel to your video, just add your photos, videos, text and music!

2. Add photos, videos

Upload photos and videos from your computer, or import directly from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr or Picasa.

3.Add text

Use your Tell your story with Title Slides between photos, or Captions on top of photos and maps.

4、Pick your soundtrack

Choose one of the 130 licensed music tracks in our Music Lounge, or just upload your own!5. Add maps

Don't just say where, show it! address.

6. Add text-to-speech

Don't feel like spending hours Just ask our robots Julie and Paul to read your text out loud!

Youtube Hot Video Ranking Network【TubeList

The world's most popular video sites are none other than Some people say that Youtube has a lot of content, and even more popular channels, especially those for individuals or teams. This requires YouTube data monitoring or user attention data to filter, and the TubeList website is one of the good ones.

TubeList website is a website based on Youtube channel data analysis and user sharing community, every day there will be the latest hot channel recommendations, users can filter according to language and category, find their favorite channels to subscribe, of course, the site also loaded the video source of the popular channels, you can watch the latest video content in the site, but also synchronized login to follow their favorite channels, you can also add their favorite channels! If you like YouTube resources, you may want to add them to your favorites.

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