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tiscali: Italy's leading integrated portal and an important independent telecommunications company in Europe. The site mainly provides news videos, regional profiles, finance, sports, life, games, music, weather, pets, horoscopes, photo albums and other content.

Online Hobby Topic Recommendation Platform Hobby It is also a content editing tool, founded by Guillame Decugis, which defines a free publishing platform for the public to collect information of their own interest, compile an online publication that integrates their passions, and realize their dreams of becoming writers.

People are bored with being submerged in the flow of information every day. They are getting bored with the daily stream of information and are gradually turning to services that can help them "discover" information of interest, or better yet, give them the opportunity to use their creative nature to spread the word and attract viewers' attention. has come at the right time to create a new way for people to establish their own unique value without spending too much time and effort on content creation in this era of global Curation. As a new user of, please be prepared to burn with enthusiasm and fire, has several tools ready for you to show your skills.

The first major function, Bookmarklet, is installed on the browser toolbar. Whenever you look up data on the Internet and see an article that fits the topic, click this button and the control panel you want to import appears on the right side. The text section below offers you the opportunity to write your own opinion, while tools such as text size and paragraph layout are only available to paid users. The community sharing options are very flexible, so you can post to all websites at once, or to a single site that likes to share, depending on your location. The theme of Infographic Tools, which I set this time, is compiled from the data I collected earlier, and by using the Bookmarklet, I can create an article like a technology magazine in two or three clicks

The second major function provides is content writing. The second most important feature of is the content writing feature, which allows you to use online media such as Google News, blogs, and Twitter to gather information for a multi-media battle to add more visibility to your reports.

The third tool is is the reason for the content curation industry's dazzling new star, in the good at gathering all the resources in one place, spend some time to their usual collection of subscribed sites, concerned about the news of the community, set into Suggested Sources, as long as there is a The latest relevant data will be included in the proposed content for you to join at any time, such as you have more than one intelligence network, so that the articles you post to keep the "live" state, need to keep up with the times to track, update the content diligently, in order to become a group of people worthy of attention and extremely creative leader, rather than just posting links only collectors.

As soon as you come across's vast array of information, you have to admire each participant's willingness to invest time and effort in their area of interest, transforming content into meaningful information, shaping their own unique vision in content curation, and even making their name a symbol of their brand. In addition to creating my own data graphs and charts, I roam around's topic search, looking forward to discovering more capable people and discovering new and exciting things.

Everyone at can be a journalist, writer, or editor, and the thoughtful curatorial act of presenting selected pieces of coverage drives audience appreciation and creates innovative ways to communicate.


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