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Japan Technology Portal

The SciencePortal website is a comprehensive science and technology news portal in Japan, providing science and technology news, academic conference announcements and schedules, researcher interviews, science and technology latest This will help researchers and technologists, students, citizens, and others to understand the country's scientific and technological development.

Japan Integrated Search Portal

BigLobe:Japan Integrated Search The portal is a comprehensive search portal operated by NEC, founded in July 1996, providing information on news, music, study, life, work and more.

In the BigLobe search portal It is developed by Google. The number of search object pages is 38 million pages in Japan and 1.2 billion pages outside of Japan, and NEC said that this is the largest search object in Japan at present.

In BIGLOBE search, when users search with keywords, the importance of each page is judged by Google's unique technology "Page Rank". In this technology, in addition to the number of links to the page, but also to determine whether the text of each page contains keywords, but also to determine whether the content of the entire page is appropriate for the keywords.

other features include: after the search keywords, by adding the "-" sign and other keywords to search for pages that do not contain other keywords "subtractive search "; "Phrase Search" that uses two half-words "" to search for keywords enclosed as one word; "Link Search" that specifies a URL after "link" to search for websites linked to that Link search" for the website linked to the webpage after "link", etc.

OCN Portal

OCN Japan's leading comprehensive portal site. It mainly provides online translation, search, blog, email, real estate, shopping, video, entertainment, finance, business and other comprehensive online services.


Nifty a large portal site operated by the famous Japanese company Fujitsu, and is also the largest Internet service provider in Japan. The services provided by the site mainly include: broadband connection, search, divination, translation, games, finance, etc.

Goo Portal

Goo is a search engine and portal site owned by NTT Group, Japan's largest telecommunications company, providing users with online search, news, shopping, maps, public transportation, dictionaries and other services.

All About

All About Japan's leading comprehensive portal site, providing comprehensive information on all aspects of people's lives, including clothing, food, housing and transportation.

Japan New Trend Information Website

Web-Japan:New TrendsWeb-Japan is a site that introduces Japan as the main site, if the latest trends in business, entertainment, fashion, science, society, sports and more timely hot topics about Japan, so that the world can understand Japan more deeply.

Web-Japan is one of Japan' Web-Japan is one of Japan's leading websites that introduces Japan and provides information on Japan. The articles published on this site are for the reader's reference and do not represent the position or views of the Japanese government.

A portal site of Japan's dynamic portal internet service provider, providing news, blog, search engine, translation, weather forecast, shopping, map, and photo services.
Yahoo Japan
Yahoo! Japan is Japan's largest portal site, providing search, auction, news, weather, sports, email, shopping, games, finance, TV, maps, jobs, real estate, sports, weather, travel, cars, dating, matchmaking, beauty, bulletin boards, and blogs.
au one
Japan Portal.
Japan Integrated Portal, a portal search site owned by NTT, Japan's largest telecommunications company, provides search, maps, dictionaries, interchange, news and shopping services.
Japan's comprehensive portal, providing translation, blog, search, mailbox, real estate, shopping, film and entertainment, and financial services.
MSN Japan
MSN Japan site, news, shopping, Hotmail, chat service portal.
All About
Professional life comprehensive information website.
A comprehensive portal site for Japan.
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