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"Hanazono" is a classic Japanese corporate culture The publication was founded in 1937, and its influence goes far beyond even the usual magazines. It shares with its female readers all the beauty ahead of its time, and its contents include fashion, beauty and culture. It is rich in art and culture, with an eclectic mix of Eastern and Western culture, offbeat and sensual, not following the crowd and not following the stream, and plays the role of a pioneer in both fashion sensitivity and.

The unique aesthetic fusion of East and West of "Flower Toon The charm of "Flower Toon" originates from Shiseido's second-generation president, Shinzo Fukuhara. He had dreamed of becoming an artist, and after returning from overseas with a passion for art, he inherited the family business and established the future brand image and design style of Shiseido. He established the Creative Department, whose members are Japanese designers or creators who have gone on to become famous in the world of painting.

In 1915, Shinzo Fukuhara himself designed the Shiseido brand's flower tsubaki logo (camellia), depicting the idea of a camellia floating on water. In 1919, he established the Shiseido Gallery to support the budding artists of the future. It is said to be the oldest surviving gallery in Japan, the one in Ginza today.

Although Shiseido's Hanazono has a monthly circulation of 100,000 copies, starting next year, this classic corporate culture publication, which is nearly 80 years old but still elegant and beautiful, announces that it will stop publishing monthly in paper form and transform into a purely electronic magazine.

Japan Hanazono Shiseido Magazine
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